Standard Training

TTS delivers standard one to five day training sessions using Element K courseware, which is specifically designed for the business professional. These classes are designed to give you a thorough survey of the most useful tools and best practices for using a particular software application. While the classes focus on teaching each particular software application, the goal is that the lessons learned in class will enable you to use the software to work more efficiently, communicate more easily, and ultimately make better business decisions.

Focused Sessions

Focused Sessions are one to four hour classes that explore one or two topics in greater depth. These classes are perfect when you may need to learn specific functionality of a software application. For example, if you only need to learn Excel Pivot Tables, then TTS can develop specialized curriculum using the files that you work with everyday.
Customized Training

TTS will help evaluate the training needs of your organization or a specific department within your organization and develop a customized solution. These classes may combine specific lessons from different standard classes or include custom designed lessons.

On-line Training

Compliment your instructor led training with on-line interactive training that is accessible anytime, anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet. The instructor led learning experience cannot be duplicated, and on-line training is not intended as a replacement. It is, however, a perfect compliment to in class training as a follow-up resource or to familiarize you with the software when it is difficult to schedule time for in class training.

Reciprocal Benefits

Join our reciprocal benefits program and leverage your place in our business community. Expand your training opportunities by attending classes at another organization in Santa Cruz, Salinas, Watsonville or Monterey. Also, become part of a training manager, training coordinator, information technology, and human resource network. Share your best practices with colleagues that have the same job responsibilities as you do.